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5 Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund

Are you counting down the days until your highly anticipated tax return arrives in your bank account or mailbox? Have you considered what you will do with your return once it arrives? While visions of vacations and shopping sprees may dance around in your head, it’s important to put some serious thought into how you’ll […]

Privacy: Being Careful Versus Paranoid

In the digital age, it is easy to feel as though privacy is obsolete. Many people continuously post updates about their days without considering the necessary security measures to protect their identity. However, while some do not worry enough about their privacy, others can become a little paranoid about their online presence and activity. Where […]

Plan Ahead for These 10 Likely COVID-19 Winter Shortages

When the nation was first rattled by COVID-19 last spring, disinfectant, toilet paper, tissues, masks and hand sanitizer flew off the shelves. As winter approaches, prepare for a potential second wave by getting ahead of the probable shortages. Start your shopping with these 10 likely-to-sell-out essentials.Paper TowelsWhile TP is more readily available than it was […]