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Quit Trying to Time the Market, and Focus on Long-Term Gains, Instead

Active investing, such as day trading, is a popular investment strategy. Still, it depends on the investor’s ability to consistently outperform the market, which growing evidence says is improbable and more volatile than other strategies. If you plan on active trading based on timing the rise and fall of stocks, it might be time to […]

Bitcoin: Are Potential Profits Worth the Risks?

While risk is a natural part of any investment, cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, carries risks beyond the conventional concerns. Primarily, a Bitcoin investor plays a significant role in the security of their investment, meaning their level of responsibility is different from more traditional investments. Before you invest in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, it is wise […]

Financial Advice for 2021

2020 is officially history, and it is truly a celebration. However, while no one will regret putting this pandemic year in the rearview, do not get too caught up in celebration. Ringing in the New Year is not only about saying goodbye to the past; it is also about looking ahead.People often neglect financial commitments […]

How To Recover From Your Debt

Debt is a peculiar thing; most people have it, but people still feel shame to talk about it. The emotional toll is overwhelming to the carriers of debt and accounts in collections. For many, there is no day, hour, minute, or second that brings relief. Constantly checking bank accounts and juggling credit card balances makes […]