7 Ways To Spruce Up Curb Appeal

People spend decades in their houses, raising children and working to maintain and retire in a relaxing and stable environment. Unfortunately, for many people, performing routine maintenance is not possible as a working professional, meaning that many home improvement tasks wait until after retirement.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your home that do not cost a significant
amount, and even the older among us can do most of the projects on this list. Curb appeal is a value add for houses, and there are at least seven projects you can do now, even if you aren't 100% retired.

1. Paint Your Front Door

Many people no longer pay attention to their doorway because it becomes a part of their routine. Unfortunately, as you age, so does your door. It will amaze you how slapping a coat of paint can completely change your house's appearance. Don't play it safe either, choose a color that is vibrant and reflects your personality, like red or yellow.

2. Update Lighting

Lighting is another quick update any homeowner can do, just remember to shut off the power. Most porch and garage lights only require basic electrical knowledge, and most fixtures come with detailed instructions. You may run into an issue if your lights are original to the home, or if you want to add a fixture in a new spot.

3. Trim Bushes and Trees

Over time, trees and bushes can get out of hand. When you were working, no one could blame you for letting the upkeep of plants go, but now that you're retired, there is no excuse. Grab some hedge trimmers and beautify your yardscape.

4. Wash the House and Windows

How long has it been since you washed your siding or cleaned your windows? A dirty house puts people off and makes many neighbors feel that you are unclean or unable to maintain your property. Give your neighbors a reason to talk by making your house sparkle.

5. Clean and Repair the Driveway

Concrete failures and cracks can significantly decrease the value of your property. If your
driveway is full of weeds and damage, then consider spraying it with weed killer or replacing the slab. While you likely cannot replace an entire driveway on your own, you can find companies that are willing to help seniors with maintenance issues.

6. Tend to Your Garden Beds

Most retirees are aware of the never-ending battle with weeds, but it is a minor price to pay for the beauty of garden beds. To ensure that your property receives maximum valuation, make sure you maintain garden beds and pull overzealous weeds.

7. Manicure the Lawn

Your lawn is likely the most significant value add of your exterior. To ensure that it contributes to the value of your home, make sure you keep it manicured. Schedule a specific time weekly to cut the grass and trim. If you are not capable of doing the yard work yourself, consider hiring a landscape company in the area.

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on adding value to your home. Working on
sprucing up the curb appeal will often increase resale value and make for a more relaxing living space. For more investment and finance tips, keep reading the Wise Ol' Crow.