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2023 Economic Predictions

The economy faced many hurdles throughout 2022. Between shifting growth and historic inflation, Americans struggled to make their salaries and savings work for them. As 2023 begins, is the economic outlook looking any better? The answer depends on who you ask.Despite differing opinions, many economists are holding onto hope for the 2023 calendar year. Still, […]

The Top 7 Countries With the Best Tax Rates

Many people complain about taxes in the United States. The 37% tax rate on higher-income Americans can seem unfair, but it is not without merit. Still, how does the U.S. stack up against other countries? Is the federal government worse than or better than other territories?When examining the tax systems of other countries, seven systems […]

Presidential Candidate Announcements and Economic Influence

Every election cycle, the economy takes center stage. The funny thing about presidential candidates and potential congressional representatives proposing economic changes is they have little control over actual outcomes.The U.S. is a capitalist society, relying on free enterprise and competition rather than government intervention for economic health. Yes, the government plays a part in fiscal […]

4 Reasons Affordable Childcare Is Necessary for the Economy

Affordable childcare is essential to economic growth and recovery. Many people, especially single people, do not realize the effects of childcare costs on the individual and the nation. Childcare is the backbone of successful infrastructure, especially regarding enterprise and innovation. Also, childcare is essential for parents who want to pursue career, academic, and financial possibilities.Without […]

4 Reasons Not to Panic Over Inflation

It’s a word no one wants to hear, and even fewer people like to talk about: inflation. Yet, prices are up in every possible sector, including food, rent, utilities, fuel, and many other areas. As prices continue to rise, so do the average Americans’ concerns about their financial futures.While inflation is concerning, the outlook might […]

Remote Work: The End or the Beginning

Events outside of the control of employers and employees saw the rise and necessity of remote work. With nearly two years since the widespread adoption of remote work, the workforce is settling into what many assumed to be the new normal. However, many employers do not seem as keen on the permanent adoption of the […]

Do Tech Layoffs Signal Future Economic Stressors?

“Now hiring!” How many signs have you seen that beg for job applicants in recent months? As the economy and society return to offices and in-person activities, many businesses have pleaded for applicants. The continued demand for employees makes recent news about massive layoffs so confusing and troubling.Layoffs and Consumer PreferenceThe layoffs are coming from […]