Things You Can Buy Second Hand to Save Money

If you stop to think about it, buying everything brand new is a waste of money. Most new things depreciate the instant you fork over cash or sign that credit card payment screen. Of course, there are some things (such as underwear) that should always be purchased with the tags attached. But there are plenty of items you can buy second-hand to save loads of money. Here’s a list of things you should buy used whenever you get the chance.


When I see people drive brand-new cars away from lots, I can’t help but shake my head. Don’t they know that as soon as the tires leave the lot, that car is suddenly worth up to 11% less than they just paid for it? As a savvy senior, I can’t bring myself to make such a poor investment. That’s why I always buy my cars used. Trust me when I say you can find some really great deals for used cars in your community if you take a little time to look.

Keep in mind that not all used cars are good cars, so you should take any vehicle you’re
interested in buying to a trusted mechanic before you commit to a purchase. That way you won’t get caught by surprise if the vehicle has major issues the seller didn’t disclose.

Gently Used Clothing

Like cars, new clothing depreciates instantly in value once you take the tags off. You can save a whole lot of money by looking for gently used clothing that others have donated to goodwill or second-hand clothing stores.

People sell or give away perfectly good clothing for a variety of reasons. They may realize after buying something that it doesn’t fit quite right, or they might not have liked a clothing gift someone gave them. Some people even get rid of practically new clothing because they get sick of it after a few months of use! Whatever the reason may be, you can take advantage of the opportunity to buy used clothing for a fraction of the cost.


Some people think they have to get rid of perfectly good furniture after a few years of use
because it goes out of style. If you’re like me, you’re not subject to silly stylish whims. I like my
furniture to look nice, but it doesn’t need to meet the standards of the latest trends.

Used furniture is often sold for hundreds or even thousands less than new furniture. When
shopping for used furniture, don’t worry if it has a little dirt or dust on it. You can fix that easily enough. However, you should carefully test the structural integrity of any furniture you plan to purchase.

Wiggle tables back and forth to see if they’re sturdy, sit down on couches to make sure they don’t sag, and make sure entertainment centers have properly functioning doors and shelving. It’s only a good deal if the item is actually useful and sturdy.


Young folks these days always have to own the newest and greatest electronics. I’m not so picky. As long as it works and gets the job done, I’m just as happy with the tablet I purchased five years ago as my neighbor is with his brand-new tablet.

You may not be able to get a great deal on last season’s electronics, but if you’re willing to go
back two or more seasons, you can get very low prices for outdated smart devices. Just make
sure everything works properly before you buy any used electronic device.

This is a small sampling of the many things you can save money on by purchasing used. Before buying something new, ask yourself if you could find an acceptable used version. If the answer is “yes,” go do some second-hand shopping so you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Ken - September 17, 2020

I agree with your article. I purchased a bird’s eye maple dresser with a mirror for $15 at a yard sale. My wife still uses it after 13 moves and 44 years. Of course this piece was made back when the furniture was made To last with real wood. 🙂

Susan - September 17, 2020

So very TRUE! I do NOT let fashion or ANY trends dictate to MY own unique style!

Janice - September 17, 2020

Your article is a godsend, keep it coming, thanks

Arlene - September 17, 2020

I agree with you 100%. I do the very same thing and love it.

Sally Iyobebe - September 18, 2020

Send me items for second hand or used items.

Mary - September 18, 2020

Great idea. I will definitely try it. Thanks

Audrey Beaumont - September 18, 2020

The fickle attitude most of us have developed towards forever changing our wardrobes and to buy new clothes is obnoxious to say the least. Most clothing contains synthetic elements which break down into micro and nano-particules when subject to washing. These particles enter the eco-system as they end up in the sea, are eaten by marine life and end up in the food chain. Essentially we end up eating what we flush away. If we are to save creatures from extinction, then this wilful habit of forever buying and discarding clothes has got to stop.

Myungjoo Chang - September 18, 2020

Good idea

Lou - September 18, 2020

I agree and appreciate that I am not the only person that thinks like you do. Also, the items are not the quality that was once. Therefore, we should have some type of information given to those who have the need to display something on its look at me value rather than on its functionality.

Tim Engle - September 18, 2020

Good stuff Bill, I am only 54 and do not consider myself a Senior but have only purchased one new pickup (in 2004) (Ford F150) and all others have been used. I shop at Goodwill and have found excellent clothing at very reasonable prices. It frustrates me to see family members and others waste so much money. I would consider myself well off and do not need to do these things but I do them because I feel it is the right thing to do.

Linda - September 18, 2020

This all makes logical sense; but, I wish sources were included for the best buys in these.

Michael - September 19, 2020


Mark - November 16, 2020

The best thing to do, used items.

Felicia A Anderson - November 25, 2020

Estate sales are a wonderful way to pick all types of great items. We sold most of our items when moving cross country and when we purchased our home we have furnished 80% of the home with furniture from estate sales. 5,000 paid for 4 bedroom sets, a gentle used ( less than 1 year old) washer and dryer ; a refrigerator and television. All of the pieces were good quality walnut furniture. I could never have paid full price for this type of quality. I love this type of shopping. I also picked up a almost new bike for a fraction of the price of one new. Currently the bike stores cannot keep up with the demand. The bike shop offered my more than I paid for the bike – i did not take the offer however it was great to know, i could have made some cash on my purchase..

Lorraine - November 27, 2020

Your articles are proof that some measure of down-to-earth common sense still exists. Thank you. Please keep this information coming.

Tony Whitehead - December 1, 2020

I drove my used GMC- SUV from 26,550 miles to 272,430 with only 1tune-up and numerous oil changes and with the original break pads still in service (ceramic pads).

Anton Korunic - December 15, 2020

I’m near 80 now and most of my life I’ve bought second hand due to being poor in my younger days. Ten years back I owned 2 houses and 4 rental properties by working hard and saving. Most of my tools are made of heavy metal , not tin like today and my furniture is real wood , not chip wood as todays are. My old washing machine went for 35 years , my new one I was told might last 5 years if I’m lucky.

Kathleen Buckley - February 21, 2021

It’s possible to get a lot more for your money when you buy used furniture. If you don’t insist on up-to-date furniture and like the vintage look, you can do even better, as you can often get things made of solid wood (rather than–ugh!–chipboard), like bookcases.

Estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores are all excellent sources. A few months ago, I found a pair of lovely linen/cotton draperies big enough for the picture window in our living room. The right color, the right look, the right price. There was some minor damage on the inner edge of each panel. I trimmed enough off to get rid of it and hemmed the edges. They were still big enough, and cheaper than ugly, cheesy, polyester would have been.

Virginia Fuller - March 2, 2021

Birdseye maple is one of the hardest woods and most beautiful. Can be finely sanded with fine grit and/or fine steel wool. You have a rare piece of priceless furniture!!! Beautiful

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