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$75,000 Happiness Plateau Is a Lie

Research into wealth and happiness seemed to support the idea that money cannot buy happiness; however, a new study from The Wharton School suggests that an individual’s well-being rises with the money they make. Previous research suggested a plateau between income and happiness once a person reached $75,000 annually, but that appears to be a […]

Fighting Financial Anxiety and Tips To Recover

Money and worry seem to go hand-in-hand. While the occasional financial concern is normal and expected, the chronic panic over bills and finances is problematic. Too much concern can result in sleepless nights and cognitive impairment.Losing your job or experiencing unexpected expenses is enough to stress anyone out. Still, the goal must be to manage […]

Understanding Buy Now, Pay Later Services and Their Value To Consumers

Buy now, pay later applications moved from the outskirts of payment options to mainstream purchasing options relatively quickly. Less than 10 years ago, the acronym BNPL likely struck confusion on consumers’ faces, but now, with large retail chains accepting the payment option, it is becoming common knowledge.BNPL services have advantages for the consumer and the […]

6 Ways To Cope With Financial Stress

Between rising interest and an evolving work environment, it seems the past couple of years have seen more people than usual experiencing financial hardship and stress. While stress is an understandable response to current situations, it can lead to health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to take stock of your situation and figure out the […]

Understanding Taxes as a Beneficiary

Inheritance and estate taxes seem like the same thing, and many people make that mistake, often interchanging the terms in conversation. However, each term refers to a specific concept and practice despite the similar subject matter.Estate taxes are of no concern to heirs because they are paid by the estate. The tax is typically a […]

Examining the 2021 Infrastructure Plan: The Pros and Cons

On November 5th, 2021, Congress officially passed the Biden Administrations Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. It was formally signed into law on November 15th.While it was a significant legislative accomplishment for the White House, many Americans wonder what the plan means for their wallet and future. Depending on how you look at the infrastructure strategy, […]

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