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Easy Steps To Lower Your Interest Rates

If you have credit card debt and pay over 20%, it’s time to look at ways to lower your card’s interest rates. Getting a lower annual percentage rate is easier than you think, especially if you’ve already paid down part of the debt. Follow this simple guide for great tips.How To Negotiate a Lower Interest […]

The Perfect Time To Draft a Will Is Now

If you’re like most people, you assume that wills are for the old, sick and wealthy. The truth is that everyone needs a will — yes, even the young and broke. Life is unpredictable, and you never know when something might happen that may render you incapacitated or prematurely end your life. Though a gloomy […]

Save Money by Cancelling Subscriptions

Subscription services are convenient and fun but are they necessary? On average, people spend about $130 more than they realize on monthly subscriptions. In fact, about a third of consumers underestimate how much they spend on monthly subscriptions by up to $199.In the digital age, it is easy to become overwhelmed by apps, streaming services, […]

Bull Versus Bear Markets: What You Should Know

If you pay attention to the stock markets, you have likely heard experts discussing the possibility of a bear market. The market typically experiences two types of markets: bear and bull. Bear markets are generally short-lived, lasting about 289 days on average. Bull markets, alternatively, last approximately 991 days or around three years. What does […]

Are You Taking Frugal Too Far?

A frugal lifestyle has many benefits. Above all, it gets you in the habit of saving. You learn the value of planning and spend less when you make purchases by avoiding interest payments. That said, it’s possible to take frugal too far. Look out for five common traps of being “cheap.”1. Stressing ExcessivelyThe whole point […]

Retirement: The Goal, the Myth, the Legend

For many people, retirement represents a lifelong goal. The idea of spending their “last act” free and doing as they please is enticing, if not romantic.Truthfully, retirement and the reality of it are changing. Retirement as part of the law has only been a concept since 1935 after the passing of the Social Security act. […]

6 Things To Consider When Selecting a Credit Union

People think of two institutions for savings and investing: credit unions and banks. Banks are the more conventional option, but they do not offer as many advantages as credit unions.Credit unions are community-focused institutions. Consumers who save and invest with a credit union have access to several features:Lower fees Better interest rates Reduced loan rates Insured deposits Personalized customer […]

4 Ways To Soften the Blow of Rising Gas Prices

With the current conflict with Russian and historical inflation, gas prices are sitting at about $4 per gallon across the states, with some areas experiencing higher costs than that. While President Biden has agreed to release reserved barrels to soften the blow and, hopefully, reduce prices, there is no telling how long or if that […]

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