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Should You Invest in a Bear Market?

Should you invest when the market experiences a downward trend or wait for things to turn around? For some new investors, market downturns seem too risky because there is no way of knowing how far down the DOW will trek. Still, down markets also present significant opportunities for investors to grab blue chip stocks at […]

Making Sense of the Current Student Loan Forgiveness Initiative From the Biden Administration

In an unprecedented move, the Biden Administration announced a student loan forgiveness initiative in the waning days of August 2022. Using his full authority, President Biden signed an executive action to provide between $10,000 and $20,000 of relief.While the move is one many predicted as of late, it is still creating many questions. Borrowers want […]

The Future of Gig Work and the Gig Economy

The gig economy refers to a labor market sector dedicated to freelance workers and short-term contracts. Gig work has come under scrutiny over the last several years, especially regarding workers’ rights and fair pay. Despite the controversy of some gig “occupations,” the sector continues to thrive and challenge workplace norms.Estimations suggest the gig economy is […]

Franchising 101: The Bare Essentials

Many people have a dream of being their own boss or owning their own business. Entrepreneurship is a potentially lucrative ambition, and with the number of brands offering franchising opportunities, it is achievable.Franchises offer people a chance to enter an existing marketplace with a known product or service, removing many barriers to starting a business. […]

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