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Cryptocurrency: A Good Investment?

Cryptocurrency continues to enthrall investor interest and raise questions of security. Savvy investors are making money off the crypto boom, but many more are losing everything.Additionally, crypto presents opportunities for criminal activity. The U.S. Secret Service confiscated more than $102 million in cryptocurrency assets since 2015, and the agency has 254 active investigations in this […]

5 Common Investment Pitfalls

You know that investing is important. Investments are how you allow your money to work for you, but investing is a patience game. Despite some day traders claiming repetitive thousands a day, real gains take time.One thing about investing is it is a personal journey. Every person will have to learn from their failures and […]

The Top 6 Apps for Beginner Investors

Most people know they should invest their money. Unfortunately, many people do not start investing until later in life because of bills, obligations, and other compiling reasons.Regardless of when you start investing, the stock market and other financial vehicles can be confusing and intimidating. While you can take your money to brokerage houses, they typically […]

Why Investing in a Rental Property Early Might Be the Best Retirement Decision

Most people will experience a point in their adult lives when they panic about the future, specifically caring for themselves beyond retirement. While there are methods for saving for retirement to ensure your future is secure, one investment opportunity that is often overlooked is purchasing an investment property. The earlier you can buy an investment property, […]

Finding the Right Brokerage and Broker for You

A brokerage account is a necessity for anyone wanting to invest money. Unfortunately, there is no cut-and-dry approach to choosing one out of the many different brokers in the world. However, selecting the right broker will affect your investing life, everything from what assets you can trade to investment costs. While it might feel overwhelming […]

Bitcoin: Are Potential Profits Worth the Risks?

While risk is a natural part of any investment, cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, carries risks beyond the conventional concerns. Primarily, a Bitcoin investor plays a significant role in the security of their investment, meaning their level of responsibility is different from more traditional investments. Before you invest in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, it is wise […]

The Top 5 Places To Retire Outside of the United States

Many people dream of retiring abroad. However, when considering the best places to retire outside of the United States, there are many things to think about:Ease of purchasing propertyRental and mortgage costsHealthcare costsCost of livingVisa and residency requirementsEntertainment and amenitiesClimateInfrastructurePolitical situationsSocial and language barriersThankfully, while many locations are suitable for an expat retirement, only a […]