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Should You Invest in a Bear Market?

Should you invest when the market experiences a downward trend or wait for things to turn around? For some new investors, market downturns seem too risky because there is no way of knowing how far down the DOW will trek. Still, down markets also present significant opportunities for investors to grab blue chip stocks at […]

Franchising 101: The Bare Essentials

Many people have a dream of being their own boss or owning their own business. Entrepreneurship is a potentially lucrative ambition, and with the number of brands offering franchising opportunities, it is achievable.Franchises offer people a chance to enter an existing marketplace with a known product or service, removing many barriers to starting a business. […]

Understanding Bull and Bear Markets

The world of finance is complex, and it only becomes more intricate as you delve into asset allocation and investments. People find themselves confused by financial jargon, which muddies their understanding of financial vehicles and opportunities.The stock market is a primary tool for building and managing wealth. Two terms used frequently to describe the market […]

Who Needs a Full-Blown Renovation: 3 Easy Upgrades To Salvage a Tired Bathroom

Realtors often state that kitchens and bathrooms are the main selling points of any home. However, unlike kitchen renovations, people focus on bathroom remodels for increased comfort, not resale value.According to a Statista report, 33% of homeowners who remodeled their primary bathroom stated they simply could no longer stand the old one. With the typical […]

Cryptocurrency: A Good Investment?

Cryptocurrency continues to enthrall investor interest and raise questions of security. Savvy investors are making money off the crypto boom, but many more are losing everything.Additionally, crypto presents opportunities for criminal activity. The U.S. Secret Service confiscated more than $102 million in cryptocurrency assets since 2015, and the agency has 254 active investigations in this […]

5 Common Investment Pitfalls

You know that investing is important. Investments are how you allow your money to work for you, but investing is a patience game. Despite some day traders claiming repetitive thousands a day, real gains take time.One thing about investing is it is a personal journey. Every person will have to learn from their failures and […]

The Top 6 Apps for Beginner Investors

Most people know they should invest their money. Unfortunately, many people do not start investing until later in life because of bills, obligations, and other compiling reasons.Regardless of when you start investing, the stock market and other financial vehicles can be confusing and intimidating. While you can take your money to brokerage houses, they typically […]

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