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Why You Should Never Drink Almond Milk: How It’s Made, and Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Excited About It

Plant-based dairy is a growing trend. Most people who adhere to non-milk dairy do so because of the environmental and economic costs of cow’s milk. However, while choosing dairy alternatives is admirable, not all plant-based products are equal. Almond milk is among one of the most popular milk alternatives, but it shouldn’t be. Between the […]

Health Foods Worth the Price Tag

As people age, they tend to focus more on healthy eating. Food is often less about what tastes good and more about what fuels the body — not that people give up on taste, just on eating whatever, whenever. However, eating healthier often can feel like a veggie thief waiting to clean your wallet.Healthy foods […]

Plan Ahead for These 10 Likely COVID-19 Winter Shortages

When the nation was first rattled by COVID-19 last spring, disinfectant, toilet paper, tissues, masks and hand sanitizer flew off the shelves. As winter approaches, prepare for a potential second wave by getting ahead of the probable shortages. Start your shopping with these 10 likely-to-sell-out essentials.Paper TowelsWhile TP is more readily available than it was […]