The Cheapest Home Design Updates With the Biggest Impact

Everyone wants their house or apartment to stay fresh and exciting, even older guys like me. The problem is that many design changes cost major moolah, from buying a new sectional to building a new deck. The solution? Check out these ideas for making an amazing impact with things that don't cost a lot.

1. Choose New Light Fixtures

Just one pendant light fixture can attract tons of attention in the kitchen, dining room or living room. The light fixtures you select have a huge impact on the way each room feels, so make sure they fit your favorite style. One things is sure: Buying a light fixture is much cheaper than buying a new sofa or dining table, and the results are incredible.
Hang a three-bulb pendant light above your kitchen island to add sophistication. Want to
remember the 1970s in style? Go with colored globe pendants or globe lights in room corners. If you’re into industrial designs, choose fixtures (or make your own if you have the time and tools) featuring wrought iron, painted pipes, dark finishes, dangling cords and Edison bulbs.

2. Change Room Brightness

The brighter the light in a room, the more energizing it feels. A great way to update spaces is to play around with the amount of light available.

If lately you’re spending more time in the living room playing board games as a family, you can create a party atmosphere by choosing brighter bulbs and adding extra floor lamps in the corners.

For something more romantic or relaxing — perfect for dinner for two — go with indirect lighting all the way. Track lights, table lamps and floor lamps are a great choice.
These options are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to rewiring rooms to allow for
recessed lighting. They offer tons of styles, from wooden lantern shades with a tropical vibe to sleek arc lamps for contemporary designs.

3. Update Paint Colors

Updating paint colors completely transforms the emotions you feel, whether you’re looking for something laid-back, playful or elegant. For a strong pop of color, choose a bold hue for one of the walls in the room. Hunter green is trending in 2020 for kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. Surround your accent wall with complementary tones to direct attention to it.
You can also paint the entire room with a bright new color, such as a vibrant blue or rustic
terracotta. Warm neutrals are popular because of the relaxing vibe they create. Many
homeowners are turning to white finishes in the living room or bedroom to make every day seem a little brighter.

4. Switch Cabinet Handles

Don’t have the money right now to refinish or replace cabinets in the kitchen? Not a problem.
Swap cabinet hardware instead. Black drawer pulls and knobs are a great choice for pairing with natural wood cabinets. They’re  a little rustic, a little industrial and very modern.
Brass drawer pulls adapt to virtually any cabinet finish, from dark walnut to white paint. These long, narrow pulls combine contemporary with classic. Whether you have an Italian-style family kitchen or a hip loft apartment, trust me — these pulls will look incredible on your cabinets.

These four updates are great DIY projects, too. Keep your mind busy, express your creativity and give your home a new look while saving tons of money. Your heart and wallet will thank you.

5. Purchase Cabinets and Totes

For the most efficient use of space, purchase storage totes, garage cabinets and shelving.
Cabinetry provides secure places for products like paints and chemicals. Plastic totes will give
ample room for memorabilia in convenient and stacking containers. Finally, shelving gives you a way to maximize vertical space and get vulnerable items off of the floor.
Surviving retirement is more than being financially secure; it is also about getting organized and increasing your ability to live each day as you want. Garage organization is only one part of optimizing your living space and your life. Continue reading Wise Ol’ Crow blogs for more finance and lifestyle tips for your retirement.