10 RV Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you’re anything like me, you spend more time in your RV than your own home during the
summer. But you may have noticed a few things about your RV that you don’t particularly like. Whether you’re dissatisfied with the layout or lack of storage space, here are 10 RV hacks that will make your life easier when you’re out camping or traveling. Best of all, they’re easy enough for anyone to do, including savvy seniors like me.

1. Put Command Hooks Everywhere

Most RVs have a dismal lack of storage options, but you can turn things around with a few
command hooks. They can stick to practically any flat surface, so hang them on your walls, on the insides of doors, and in your closets. Use them to hang up your coats, shoes, cooking utensils or anything else.

2. Save Space With a Collapsible Wastebasket

Space can be hard to come by in an RV, so it’s important to purchase space-saving devices
whenever possible. Instead of storing your garbage in a large, stiff garbage can, consider storing it in it a collapsible laundry basket. That way you can fold it down between uses and keep it stored out of the way.

3. Use a Curtain Rod to Hold Bath Products in Place

One of the most annoying things about showering in an RV is how easily shampoo bottles slide off the side of the bathtub. To prevent this from happening, install a towel rod on the wall a few inches above your tub (horizontally). The bar on the towel rod helps to hold bath products in place. It’s more effective than any bathtub shelf I’ve ever used, and it’s affordable, too!

4. Use a Shoe Organizer for Bathroom Storage

If you’re not comfortable drilling into your RV walls, you can ditch the curtain rod idea and hold your bath products in place with a shoe organizer. Most shoe organizers are made from plastic and/or mesh, which are both perfect materials for shower organization because they’re water resistant and dry quickly. Just hang the organizer from your shower hooks and you have instant bathroom storage.

5. Protect Your Water and Wine Glasses With Koozies

My kids had to tell me what koozies are, but now I can’t get enough of the things! They’re foam-like covers for your glass cups and bottles, and they’re an RV owner’s best friend. Thanks to my koozies, I don’t need to worry about my water or wine glasses getting broken during my travels.

6. Hang a Suspension Rod in the Shower

If you don’t have enough storage solutions in your RV, create your own! The shower is a great
place to start. If you don’t frequently use your RV shower during your travels, turn it into an extra closet by installing a suspension rod inside. Then, you can hang jackets, pants and other longer clothing items in your makeshift closet when it’s not being used for bathing purposes.

7. Invest in Nesting-Ware

Nesting-ware is essential for saving space in your RV cupboards. Choose bowls, spoons and
other food containers that fit inside each other and don’t take up too much room in your limited storage areas.

8. Use Square Containers

Round containers aren’t great for RVs because they take up more space in your cupboards and don’t fit together neatly. Instead, store your food in square containers that stack on top of or next to each other neatly.

9. Install Non-Slip Liners in Shelves

Non-slip liners can keep all your belongings in place while you travel. Install them in your
drawers, shelves and inside your refrigerator.

10. Slip Foam Swimming Noodles Over Metal Awning Struts

I’ve hit my head on my metal awning struts more times than I can count. Luckily, I finally got wise and slipped foam swimming noodles over them. To do this, just make a slit down one side of the swimming noodle and push the strut into the slit.

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