5 Fun Hobbies To Make Some Extra Money

It seems that with world conflicts and health crisis recoveries, families will need to find creative ways to increase their incomes. Thankfully, with the internet and several peer-to-peer marketplaces, it is more possible than ever to make money in addition to traditional wages. 

However, as you scour the web for opportunities, it is vital you stay clear of get-rich-quick schemes and similar scams. You do not have to perform hours of menial labor for pennies. If you want to earn some extra cash, you can often just look at your hobbies or skills.

1. Writing

Do you have what it takes to string words and phrases together? Can you do it while obeying grammar rules? If so, you can make a healthy side hustle by writing for content marketing companies. You can also look for side jobs on sites like Fivver or other pay-per-job networks and platforms.

If you want to work for more prominent companies or have access to higher-paying job boards, you will likely need an advanced degree and speak English as your first language. Still, there are many opportunities for someone with solid English skills.

2. Photography

Photography is an in-demand skill. While nearly everyone has a quality camera in their pocket, they do not necessarily have the skill to take quality pictures. 

Pictures are a traditional way of keeping memories, and people often want to hire talented photographers to work special events, such as birthdays, weddings, etc. If you use your photography skills to get some extra work, you can make a pretty penny.

Still, if you do not feel comfortable taking pictures for people's special occasions, you might try stock photography. Taking stock photos removes a lot of the pressure and still allows you to make some extra money.

3. Illustration and Design

Job boards often advertise one-off assignments for talented people. Illustration and design work is usually in high demand. You might find people in need of a business logo, children's book illustrations, etc.

Additionally, like photography, you can often sell your artwork as stock images, or if you would like to try selling in a marketplace, you can try selling prints on Etsy. There are many ways to customize existing products or create new ones using your artwork.

4. DIY Crafts

Are you crafty? Do you have a knack for jewelry design, beadwork, quilting, woodwork, etc.? If so, you can make some extra money. 

Etsy is a marketplace for independent artists and crafters. There are plenty of people making a living from selling on Etsy and plenty more making some spending cash. If you choose to sell products on Etsy or similar sites, you might want to invest in a course to learn the ropes, although Etsy does have tutorials and guides

5. Music

Do you play an instrument? Can you sing? Do you have any experience writing songs? If so, put your musical talents to good use, and start gigging.

You can advertise to play birthdays, weddings, parties, etc. You can also try and pick up work on Fivver and similar sites. 

Today is the day of side jobs. It is the gig economy. Everyone is capable of making money from home and off of their talents. Go out there and get your piece of the pie.