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Understanding Pre-Retirement

The period between deciding to retire and committing to an actual retirement date is pre-retirement. This phase of retirement planning is vital to understanding financial obligations and the reality of the desired timeline. Failing to plan correctly can leave you struggling financially in your “golden” years — not a way to spend life’s winter.While some […]

How To Talk With Your Kids About After-Life Planning

How would you react if a close friend in another state invited you to their wedding? You would probably start planning right away: buy your plane ticket, choose what you’re going to wear and select the perfect gift. You definitely wouldn’t leave things until the last minute and hope they just sorted themselves out.That’s how […]

Making Sense of the Current Student Loan Forgiveness Initiative From the Biden Administration

In an unprecedented move, the Biden Administration announced a student loan forgiveness initiative in the waning days of August 2022. Using his full authority, President Biden signed an executive action to provide between $10,000 and $20,000 of relief.While the move is one many predicted as of late, it is still creating many questions. Borrowers want […]

Should You Invest in a Bear Market?

Should you invest when the market experiences a downward trend or wait for things to turn around? For some new investors, market downturns seem too risky because there is no way of knowing how far down the DOW will trek. Still, down markets also present significant opportunities for investors to grab blue chip stocks at […]

How Do Dollar Stores Make a Profit?

Everyone is familiar with dollar stores. They represent alternative shopping experiences to big box chains with the expectations of savings.With over 35,000 stores across the U.S., the dollar store model is successful. Dollar General and Dollar Tree are the two companies leading the market, and their success relies heavily on demographics and the perception of […]

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