5 Real Ways To Make Money Online After Retirement

Retirement does not eliminate the need for extra money or to find purpose. People need to find motivation and reason to get up in the morning, especially when a job no longer plays a role. You are still useful, and there is no reason that society would not benefit from your years on this planet.

The great news is that the internet makes the world accessible and lucrative for anyone of
any age. If you are looking for ways to make money and remain entertained during your
retirement years, consider these five legitimate ways to earn online.

1. Consulting

What was your profession? Were you considered an expert in your field? Regardless of your job, when you spend 20 years or more in a single trade, you likely have something to share.
Businesses and individuals are always looking for people to consult with about projects and life. If you are skilled in any particular field or area of life, consider consulting or like-coaching. There are plenty of opportunities online for occupational and life coaches, as well as business consultants.

2. Online Teaching

As with consulting, your expertise is valuable to many people. Have you ever considered putting together a course? If you were a leading sales representative, consider building a course around the sales process or negotiation skills. There are plenty of aspiring salespeople who are waiting for the right class to come along. The beauty of developing online courses is that once it is created, it becomes a passive income generator. Sure, you may need to reply to emails and questions, but the hard part of course creation is done. All you have to do is publicize and sell the program.

3. Writing

Writing is a lucrative skill. There are plenty of businesses searching for qualified content creators, or established publications looking for the right contributor. If you are more interested in sharing your own story and perspective, consider starting a blog. There are plenty of people making good money from their blogs, but you need to commit to the process of building an audience. The beautiful thing about retirement is that you have plenty of time to establish a writing routine.

4. Google AdSense

For those who decide to start their own blog or website, you may want to use Google AdSense for additional income. When signing up for Google Adsense, you will get a link to use on your blog pages. The link will then automatically generate relevant Google ads. If people visiting your site click on those ads, you get a commission. While you may not expect to get much from these ads, several people using the AdSense program make hundreds and even thousands per month.

5. YouTube and Podcast

For the media-savvy or interested, you can start a YouTube channel or podcast. Developing
video or audio content is similar to writing blogs: the larger your audience, the higher your profit potential. Many bloggers even combine their writing with video and audio platforms to diversify their income streams.

Retirement does not mean you no longer exist. You still have value, and there is no reason yourvalue should not be rewarded. If you are interested in learning more about passive income, continue reading the Wise Ol' Crow.

C.G Nair - August 19, 2020

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