5 Steps For Organizing Your Garage Like a Pro

How long has it been since you last organized your garage? Is the space a catchall, or is it semi-organized? Most people avoid cleaning their garage because it seems like an overwhelming nightmare, but organization makes people feel good, and that is especially important during your retirement. If you have been neglecting your garage for some time, then there is no time like the present to tighten up your bootstraps and get to cleaning. However, before you throw yourself into the project, consider the following steps to organizing like a pro.

1. Prepare for the Task Ahead

Preparation is key to a significant organization project. You want to make sure you have enough time to deal with the task ahead. Depending on the amount of clutter in your garage, it may be beneficial to create a schedule for your cleanout. You can deal with storage items first and then move on to yard equipment. If you know that the job will take several days, and you will move heavy objects, consider asking for help from a friend, family member or neighbor.

2. Create Categories for Items

Categorization is the primary element of organization. If you know everything in your garage, then determine a specific category for it, like tools and storage. If you are not familiar with every in your garage, then categorize as you go. Lay out some large tarps to set items on as you sort through the space. Creating categories now will help you later.

3. Discard or Donate Unnecessary Items

As you sort through the items, do not become overly sentimental. If an item does not fit into one of your categories, immediately figure out what to do with it. You may throw the thing away or find an alternative space to store it. You can also donate unwanted materials to charity if they are still useful. Your garage need not be a mess. After all, isn’t that the whole reason you’re cleaning and organizing, to declutter.

4. Plan a Layout With Groupings

With everything removed from the garage and placed into its appropriate categories, you can now determine the new layout of your garage. The groupings of materials will now help designate the space in the garage. You may want the lawn care equipment near the front by the door with storage items along the back wall. Take your time to figure out the best layout before purchasing the necessary storage and cabinetry.

5. Purchase Cabinets and Totes

For the most efficient use of space, purchase storage totes, garage cabinets and shelving.
Cabinetry provides secure places for products like paints and chemicals. Plastic totes will give
ample room for memorabilia in convenient and stacking containers. Finally, shelving gives you a way to maximize vertical space and get vulnerable items off of the floor.
Surviving retirement is more than being financially secure; it is also about getting organized and increasing your ability to live each day as you want. Garage organization is only one part of optimizing your living space and your life. Continue reading Wise Ol’ Crow blogs for more finance and lifestyle tips for your retirement.

Shirley Barton - August 2, 2020

Very nice thanks. Always a tenuous job but that really helped

Frank Leffman - August 21, 2020

Funny, I just finished organizing my garage before I read your article. I did most of what you recommended and have only to organize my workbench now. Good tips!

Linda - August 31, 2020

Great suggestions. It is even more fun to do this with a friend.

Holly cortez - September 27, 2020

We just did that to our garage as well!!
My husband dreaded the task. Now that it is all done and organized, I find him tinkering in his organized garage.
He is very happy with his new work benches and all of his new cabinets.
Everything has a home now.
Makes me happy to see him happy!!
Great Tips for anyone planning on jumping in.

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