6 Tips for Cost-Effective Electricity Solutions In Your Home

Adults of all ages should monitor their monthly living expenses closely. Without proper
management, it is easy for standard bills to get out of hand, leading to a deficit in the budget. As retirees, with limited sources of income, it is even more crucial to manage funds. While many people may take utility expenses, like electricity, for granted, there are at least six ways to reduce your monthly electric bill.

1. Limit Lights During the Day

How often do you turn your lights on during the day, and do you always need to do so? Many
people develop the habit of flipping on the light switch whenever they enter a room, but that habit can be both reckless and costly. When the sun is out, there is often no need to use your lights, especially when you are in a room with big picture windows. Try restricting your use of electricity during daylight hours.

2. Install Smart Devices

In recent years, significant progress has been made in the realm of smart devices and energy-efficient appliances. If you are not taking advantage of these devices, then consider upgrading specific systems in your home. For example, purchase and install a smart thermostat that will allow you more precise control over your heating and cooling system, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

3. Install Solar Panels

If your roofline or property are open to direct sunlight, then consider installing solar panels on your roof or lawn. Solar power is an excellent way to reduce your dependency on the energy industry, and even the installation of a few panels is enough to reduce your annual energy and electricity costs.

4. Eliminate Appliance Energy Waste

Do you live alone or only with one other person? If so, it is so easy to get caught up in a cycle of energy waste. How often do you put a half load through the dishwasher or only one or two items through a wash and dry cycle? Instead of wasting the energy produced in full-cycles, consider waiting to use an appliance until you have a full load.

5. Inspect and Replace Old Insulation

Many people forget that insulation plays a significant role in the heating and cooling off their
home. Too many homeowners have inadequate insulation, which leads to heating and cooling losses. If you are not sure how effective your insulation is, then contact a professional to perform a heat loss assessment of your home. With adequate insulation, you can save money from month to month.

6. Unplug Devices

Do you leave phone chargers or computers plugged in when not in use? Do you know that even when not in use, these devices are using electricity? The best way to limit electricity waste is to unplug any appliances or devices that are not in use, including chargers.
Electricity use is one habit you can change to experience real and immediate savings. Whether you choose to incorporate every tip from this list or only a few, you will see a difference in your bill. If you like these tips, then keep reading the Wise Ol' Crow for more.

Kathy - October 1, 2020

Thank you for this. It’s very helpful.
What about extension cords? Do they use electricity when turned off?

s adler - October 1, 2020

I live in an apartment bldg. Most of this either does apply to me or I already do.

Kay - October 2, 2020

Happy thanks

BOB - October 2, 2020

Some of your suggestions are okay. Adding solar panels is not really cost-efficient or energy-efficient. I’m not opposed to them. In fact, I have a nice system in my house with a lithium battery pack. But it takes a very long time to break even on the investment and most batteries have a life of seven to ten years. Moreover, if you consider the energy required and the environmental impact of mining the materials for the panels and batteries and the environmental impact of disposing of used materials, it is not a good picture.

I like my system because we rarely have problems with power outages, and we have backup power for refrigerators, freezers and lighting. But I’m not fooling myself.

David Rutherford - October 2, 2020

I am already doing most of these things

Gladys - October 2, 2020

We use electrical bars and can shut off all the items at one time when we are not using them.
We are not wasteful of anything, food, electricity, water or money ect.
We have been married for 58yrs and have taught our 3 daughters the same.
We are retired and will be not able to be extravagant with our PENSIONS.

eddie byrne - October 2, 2020

low energy bulbs are great savers.

Kenneth Baran - October 2, 2020

All good ideas

Mal - October 4, 2020

Excellent information – Very educative especially leaving the phone chargers on. Thanks a lot for these important tips. I realized few careless mistakes on my part. Thank you kindly.

Dick L'Abbee - October 19, 2020

Enjoy your insight as to how to lower the electricity cost. I would appreciate and all ways you can come up for expense reductions as I am a senior on a fixed income and not very healthy, THANK YOU.

Teresa Sims - December 16, 2021

Very efficient tips on how to save on your energy bill, I am also a retiree. Thank you

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