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Should You Invest in a Bear Market?

Should you invest when the market experiences a downward trend or wait for things to turn around? For some new investors, market downturns seem too risky because there is no way of knowing how far down the DOW will trek. Still, down markets also present significant opportunities for investors to grab blue chip stocks at […]

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Handwriting

For many people these days, handwriting is a lost art. It’s simply faster and easier to use a keyboard. With the voice technology of smartphones, it’s possible to skip writing completely. Don’t ditch your pen and paper, though! Research shows that writing by hand has important health benefits that keyboards just can’t replace.The Benefits of […]

The Economic Laws of Supply and Demand as They Relate to Costs and the Service Industry

Most people will remember that when Uber started in 2009, it offered a more affordable option than traditional taxi rides. The company’s pricing strategy became quite controversial, especially when the startup set its sights on New York.Officially, Uber’s service arrived in New York in 2011. The startup undercut the pricing of taxi services and medallion […]

Franchising 101: The Bare Essentials

Many people have a dream of being their own boss or owning their own business. Entrepreneurship is a potentially lucrative ambition, and with the number of brands offering franchising opportunities, it is achievable.Franchises offer people a chance to enter an existing marketplace with a known product or service, removing many barriers to starting a business. […]

Negotiation: It’s Not a Dirty Word

To haggle, barter, liaise, or come to terms are all words or phrases synonymous with or related to negotiation. Yet, despite the prevalence of negotiation in the language, many people have an aversion to the process.A 2017 PayScale survey polling 31,000 people found that 57% of participants never asked for a raise in their field. […]