Plan Ahead for These 10 Likely COVID-19 Winter Shortages

When the nation was first rattled by COVID-19 last spring, disinfectant, toilet paper, tissues, masks and hand sanitizer flew off the shelves. As winter approaches, prepare for a potential second wave by getting ahead of the probable shortages. Start your shopping with these 10 likely-to-sell-out essentials.

Paper Towels

While TP is more readily available than it was earlier in 2020, it might become difficult to find paper towels this season. As demand remains high, stock a few extra packages in your garage or make the economical and earth-friendly switch to cloth clean-up rags.

Nonperishable Foods

If it comes in a can, you might have trouble finding it once cold weather begins. While essentials in this category vary by household, consider filling your pantry with canned goods, instant coffee, spices and other shelf-stable staples.

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Air Purifiers and Humidifiers

COVID-19 has created an elevated interest in indoor air quality. Air purifiers filter germs and other baddies from the oxygen circulation in your home or office. Because scientists think the virus thrives in dry air, humidifiers have also been in high demand. Look for air purifiers with a HEPA filter, considered the most likely to remove coronavirus particles from the air you breathe.

Baking Ingredients

Yeast saw a spike this spring and summer as we handled our national boredom by baking bread. From Thanksgiving pies to Christmas cookies, buy your flour, sugar and other supplies early.

Giant Turkeys

If you normally buy a 30-pound turkey, you might need to settle for a smaller bird this year. As families scale down the sizes of their gatherings to meet pandemic guidelines, retailers and grocers have reportedly ordered turkeys with a bit less poundage.

Cleaning Supplies

The shortages of Lysol, hand sanitizer and other products to keep your home spick-and-span will continue through the winter. Researchers recently reported that Pine-Sol kills COVID-19, so grab the green bottle if you can't find an alternative. Some experts recommend grabbing one extra cleaning item each time you grocery shop so you have what you need while leaving enough on the shelf for your neighbors.

Video Games

As we gear up for a long winter indoors, video game consoles are more popular than ever before for people of all ages. Whether you're looking for the brand-new Playstation 5 or a vintage gaming system, start shopping now if you want to have it under the tree on Christmas. In fact, leisure products of all kinds are expected to fly off shelves in the next few months.

Fresh Foods

Some scientists have warned about a possible upcoming shortage of fresh food items, including fruits and veggies as well as meats. Consider frozen items for your holiday table in the case of supply chain disruptions caused by coronavirus.

Exercise Equipment

Gyms are still closed in many states, and you might not feel safe going even if your fitness center has reopened. If you haven't already set up your home gym, you might be unable to find weights, kettlebells, workout benches and other equipment. New Year's resolutions to get fit could make this shortage even worse. Try looking on a secondhand swap site like Facebook Marketplace to get a deal on these items if you don't mind gently used.

Subscription Boxes

You can get almost anything sent straight to your door these days, from a selection of monthly beef jerky to science and art projects for your homeschooling kiddos. If you plan to try out a box for fun, for a gift or to supplement remote education, sign up now. Many of the most popular services have waiting lists as we attempt to stay busy indoors.

Despite these continued shortages, experts predict that much of what we need will still be available from e-tailers and grocery store shelves. Remain calm and get set for a (hopefully) quiet end to 2020.

Chris : Holliman - November 29, 2020

Seeds herloom? Fire, and water? Shelter

Donna whittemore - November 29, 2020

Appreciate the info. Here we go again 😣

Karen Queen - November 30, 2020

I have already used the Vision 20, and did run out of it. I must say that it is great. I love it, and I am awaiting my second shipment of it. There seems to be a shipping delay. Thank you. I do plan to keep using it and hope it arrives soon! Karen

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