Should You Wait for Black Friday This Year?

Black Friday is one of the busiest and most lucrative shopping days for businesses and consumers but is that still going to be the case this year, 2021? While many people wait for Black Friday to do most of their holiday shopping, they will need to reassess their goals and consider the continuing struggle of the pandemic. 

While the economy has apparently rebounded from the pandemic shutdowns of 2020, there are still supply chain concerns that will likely affect the shopping rush this year. Every business, from distributors to wholesalers to retailers, are still contending with COVID-19 consequences, including: 

  • Labor shortages 
  • Port congestion 
  • Lack of container space on shipping vessels 
  • Trucker and warehouse shortages 

The strain on the system throughout the pandemic is still causing inventory and supply problems. How will these problems affect your holiday shopping experience?

Expect Delays and Plan Accordingly

The continuing shortages of vital manufacturing components and labor mean that retailers face strained supply chains and operational capabilities. Many companies are finding that their inventory might not be sufficient to meet customer demands in November and December. In other words, if you know what you want to get someone for Christmas, buy it now. Don’t wait. 

While in previous years, waiting for Black Friday was worthwhile, this year, waiting could be the difference between getting the gift you want or not. If companies or retailers do not currently have a gift you want in stock, it is best to order it now; even if it doesn’t arrive by the holidays, it will get here sooner than if you wait.

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Consider What You Are Purchasing

Waiting for Black Friday might be an option for some items, but not all. Video game consoles and other electronics will likely be hard to come by this year, especially during November and December. If you are aware of a retailer with inventory now, it is best to make the purchase now rather than wait. 

Many people like buying their family members and children toys and electronics that are new, just released, and in demand. While most years finding such items wasn’t too challenging, component shortages and logistic issues have made this year unique. Buying early seems to be the resounding motto for the 2021 holiday season.

Look for Other Sales

Black Friday is not your only option for finding deals. While traditionally, the day offers the best incentives for purchasing gifts, you will likely have better luck looking to other retailers and manufacturers this year. Look for companies that want to get ahead of the holiday rush. 

You can often find many clothing stores that begin putting up discounts around October. Taking advantage of these early sales can allow you to save money and find the gifts you want. However, be cautious about putting off your shopping for too long. The shopping experience this year is likely to be more competitive than before. 

Black Friday is still beneficial, but it is a risk this year. With supply chain issues and labor shortages, inventories will be stretched thin, meaning waiting for holiday shopping might result in empty packages or disappointed faces. If you must wait, consider the types of items you want to buy. Electronics and gadgets are likely to be in short supply, so buy now.  

What do you think about Black Friday this year? Will you wait? Comment below.