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Save Money by Cancelling Subscriptions

Subscription services are convenient and fun but are they necessary? On average, people spend about $130 more than they realize on monthly subscriptions. In fact, about a third of consumers underestimate how much they spend on monthly subscriptions by up to $199.In the digital age, it is easy to become overwhelmed by apps, streaming services, […]

Bull Versus Bear Markets: What You Should Know

If you pay attention to the stock markets, you have likely heard experts discussing the possibility of a bear market. The market typically experiences two types of markets: bear and bull. Bear markets are generally short-lived, lasting about 289 days on average. Bull markets, alternatively, last approximately 991 days or around three years. What does […]

The Top 6 Apps for Beginner Investors

Most people know they should invest their money. Unfortunately, many people do not start investing until later in life because of bills, obligations, and other compiling reasons.Regardless of when you start investing, the stock market and other financial vehicles can be confusing and intimidating. While you can take your money to brokerage houses, they typically […]

$75,000 Happiness Plateau Is a Lie

Research into wealth and happiness seemed to support the idea that money cannot buy happiness; however, a new study from The Wharton School suggests that an individual’s well-being rises with the money they make. Previous research suggested a plateau between income and happiness once a person reached $75,000 annually, but that appears to be a […]

Quit Trying to Time the Market, and Focus on Long-Term Gains, Instead

Active investing, such as day trading, is a popular investment strategy. Still, it depends on the investor’s ability to consistently outperform the market, which growing evidence says is improbable and more volatile than other strategies. If you plan on active trading based on timing the rise and fall of stocks, it might be time to […]

Bitcoin: Are Potential Profits Worth the Risks?

While risk is a natural part of any investment, cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, carries risks beyond the conventional concerns. Primarily, a Bitcoin investor plays a significant role in the security of their investment, meaning their level of responsibility is different from more traditional investments. Before you invest in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, it is wise […]

Investing Cautiously and Wisely in the Reopening and Still Unpredictable Economy

Most retirees live off of their investments, not side hustles or part-time jobs if they’re lucky. Unfortunately, with the economy shut down for the better part of a year, making moves in the market has been increasingly risky and unpredictable.Thankfully, the economy is reopening; with another influx of government funding to small businesses and the […]

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