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Reasons To Reconsider Doing Your Own Taxes

Many people feel that doing their own taxes saves them money, but that is not always true. While it is possible to save money with DIY approaches and software, costly mistakes are also possible.Tax season is plagued by advertisements for tax software and promises of low tax bills. The commercials are accurate to an extent. […]

Is it Time To Downsize Your Home?

Older age comes with several important considerations and decisions, one of which is when is it time to downsize? Most people assume they will start downsizing once their last child has flown the coop, but the truth is that many homeowners put off the inevitable for as long as possible. In fact, just as boomers […]

4 Reasons To Be Excited About Driverless Vehicles

While tech giants continue to make headway on self-driving technology, there are still many regulatory hurdles to jump before driverless vehicles ever become a full-fledged reality. The trepidation around the idea is understandable because a genuinely autonomous vehicle will not require human input while operating, making many people nervous. The journey toward actual driverless vehicles has […]

The Top 5 Safest Modes of Travel

Retirement is the time in your life to enjoy and travel. If plans were successful, you likely have enough to enjoy one or two trips per year, if not more. However, as eager as many retirees are to travel, the news of plane crashes, boats capsizing, or train derailments can quickly curb the enthusiasm.  It […]

The Importance and Suggested Frequency of Credit Monitoring

According to the Federal Trade Commission, one in five Americans experiences errors on at least one of their credit reports. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the mistakes because they do not check their reports often or not often enough.  Credit reporting errors at TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian can lead to weaker credit scores regardless of […]

3 Tips for Talking Money With a Spouse

While everyone loves money, talking about it always seems complicated and frustrating, especially communicating with a spouse. While the perception is married couples, particularly retired couples, have the kinks worked out in their relationships, that is not always the case. The truth is while a marriage is a partnership, each spouse comes into the relationship […]