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The Top 7 Countries With the Best Tax Rates

Many people complain about taxes in the United States. The 37% tax rate on higher-income Americans can seem unfair, but it is not without merit. Still, how does the U.S. stack up against other countries? Is the federal government worse than or better than other territories?When examining the tax systems of other countries, seven systems […]

Reasons To Reconsider Doing Your Own Taxes

Many people feel that doing their own taxes saves them money, but that is not always true. While it is possible to save money with DIY approaches and software, costly mistakes are also possible.Tax season is plagued by advertisements for tax software and promises of low tax bills. The commercials are accurate to an extent. […]

Understanding Taxes as a Beneficiary

Inheritance and estate taxes seem like the same thing, and many people make that mistake, often interchanging the terms in conversation. However, each term refers to a specific concept and practice despite the similar subject matter.Estate taxes are of no concern to heirs because they are paid by the estate. The tax is typically a […]