6 Things You Should Always Shop for at the Dollar Store

Dollar stores are beautiful concepts, and they provide plenty of opportunities to save a great deal of money with the right strategy. See, while it is tempting to purchase everything you can from a dollar store, not everything is as good of a deal as it seems. For instance, many food items are overpriced, but you might not realize it without looking at the weight and servings of more traditional grocery options. If you want to stretch your dollar and get the most value at a dollar store, there are six categories of items you should shop for.

1. Office Supplies

Office supplies are crucial for organizing and working, but most office supply stores overcharge for the basics, like lined notebooks, binders, pens, etc. A dollar store typically carries a wide selection of office products. One caveat to purchasing from a dollar store is you cannot expect the same quality, but the products work just as well.

2. Children's Arts and Crafts Supplies

Is your grandchild or little one into arts and crafts? Many children love to draw and play with playdough, but they do not need name-brand expensive artist sets.

A dollar store will have crayons, coloring books, drawing pads, pencils, and so much more to keep your child occupied. Additionally, buying cheaper versions of art supplies gives your little one a chance to test out different creative avenues, allowing them to find something they genuinely enjoy.

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3. Party Supplies

Balloons, decorations, wrapping paper, cards, and other party essentials can be pretty costly, but why? You shouldn't spend a lot of money on a single party. The dollar store will usually carry plastic tablecloths, decorations, wrapping supplies, and so much more. Why pay $12 for a special balloon when you can get one for a buck.

Obviously, if the party is a significant occasion, such as a marriage, you might want to splurge. Still, dollar store items can help cut costs for most events, and with a bit of patience and creativity, the party can still look spectacular.

4. Dinnerware

There is no shame in buying your dinnerware from the dollar store. You can purchase a variety of glass and ceramic dishes, even patterned options. With many dinnerware sets costing upwards of $50, you can get a pretty set at the local dollar store for under $20. You can't beat that. Additionally, you can find an assortment of drinking glasses and flatware. It is possible to stock up your entire dining room in one stop for less than $50.

5. Kitchen Tools

Dollar stores also offer a variety of kitchen items, including cookware. You can find kitchen tools, such as measuring cups and spatulas, or baking items like cupcake tins or pie pans. Some dollar stores also offer cooling racks and cake decorating tools, including mixing bowls, containers, and piping bags.

6. Cleaning Supplies

Some of the costliest home items include cleaning supplies, like mops, brooms, buckets, etc. However, you can get everything you need and more at a dollar store for under $10. Granted, the tools might not last as long, but they get the job done in a pinch.

You can also find effective floor and tile cleaners. Most of the bottles are smaller than traditional store options, so be sure to calculate the advantage or savings of buying these products from a dollar store.

Dollar stores are excellent resources when you focus your purchasing decisions, but you have to be careful because not everything is a deal. What is your go-to dollar store purchase? Comment below.

Renee - December 28, 2021

Dollar stores can be great resources as well as cost effective. However, there are cautions from the news regarding toxicity in many products, even smaller-sized name brands. Be both frugal and informed.

Jean Hairston - December 28, 2021

Plastic bags; greeting cards

Renee’ - December 28, 2021

I have always shopped at the dollar store…
You nailed it!!!

Dor - December 28, 2021

Am interested in saving money when I ca. Thank you.

Alison Riley - December 28, 2021

Reading this article sitting in the parking lot of Dollar tree lol

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