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Presidential Candidate Announcements and Economic Influence

Every election cycle, the economy takes center stage. The funny thing about presidential candidates and potential congressional representatives proposing economic changes is they have little control over actual outcomes.The U.S. is a capitalist society, relying on free enterprise and competition rather than government intervention for economic health. Yes, the government plays a part in fiscal […]

Digital Nomad Visas: What They Are and How To Get One

If you’re tired of living the cubicle life, having to hunker into 6′ x 6′ workstations for 60 hours a week, maybe it’s time to trade your timecard for a laptop and a dream. Digital nomads are remote workers, often independent contractors, who earn income from multiple online sources — blogging, copywriting, web design, internet […]

Don’t Violate Squatters’ Rights: Handle Illegal Occupancy the Lawful Way

Real estate is among the most lucrative investments a person can make. Unfortunately, owning rental or investment properties, especially in the residential sector, comes with risks.As a property owner, there is one risk that you likely fear most: a squatter. A squatter is an individual who occupies property unlawfully. While you might think you are […]

Understanding Bull and Bear Markets

The world of finance is complex, and it only becomes more intricate as you delve into asset allocation and investments. People find themselves confused by financial jargon, which muddies their understanding of financial vehicles and opportunities.The stock market is a primary tool for building and managing wealth. Two terms used frequently to describe the market […]

Understanding Pre-Retirement

The period between deciding to retire and committing to an actual retirement date is pre-retirement. This phase of retirement planning is vital to understanding financial obligations and the reality of the desired timeline. Failing to plan correctly can leave you struggling financially in your “golden” years — not a way to spend life’s winter.While some […]

How To Talk With Your Kids About After-Life Planning

How would you react if a close friend in another state invited you to their wedding? You would probably start planning right away: buy your plane ticket, choose what you’re going to wear and select the perfect gift. You definitely wouldn’t leave things until the last minute and hope they just sorted themselves out.That’s how […]