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How To Actually Make Money Off a Rental Property

Whether you’re near retirement age or already living your so-called “Golden Years,” the term“passive income” probably sounds quite nice to you. While there are several passive incomeopportunities available, one of the most lucrative — and consistent — involves renting outproperty.That said, being a landlord is not a walk in the park, and many newbies make […]

4 Benefits of Mortgage Preapproval for First-Time Home Buyers

If you’ve read any articles at all about buying your first home, you’ve probably heard that youshould seek mortgage preapproval as you tour potential properties. Preapproval consists of a letter from the mortgage company indicating the amount available for your potential home loan based on your credit history, the interest rate and the monthly payment. […]

Understanding and Opening an IRA

While there are several financial vehicles for saving money, few will benefit the investor,especially those with a retirement focus, more than an individual retirement account. IRAs are incredible tools for retirement savings, but only for the right individual. It is necessary tounderstand the account before deciding to open it.IRA BasicsAn IRA account allows the investor […]