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2023 Economic Predictions

The economy faced many hurdles throughout 2022. Between shifting growth and historic inflation, Americans struggled to make their salaries and savings work for them. As 2023 begins, is the economic outlook looking any better? The answer depends on who you ask.Despite differing opinions, many economists are holding onto hope for the 2023 calendar year. Still, […]

Presidential Candidate Announcements and Economic Influence

Every election cycle, the economy takes center stage. The funny thing about presidential candidates and potential congressional representatives proposing economic changes is they have little control over actual outcomes.The U.S. is a capitalist society, relying on free enterprise and competition rather than government intervention for economic health. Yes, the government plays a part in fiscal […]

Understanding Bull and Bear Markets

The world of finance is complex, and it only becomes more intricate as you delve into asset allocation and investments. People find themselves confused by financial jargon, which muddies their understanding of financial vehicles and opportunities.The stock market is a primary tool for building and managing wealth. Two terms used frequently to describe the market […]

How Do Dollar Stores Make a Profit?

Everyone is familiar with dollar stores. They represent alternative shopping experiences to big box chains with the expectations of savings.With over 35,000 stores across the U.S., the dollar store model is successful. Dollar General and Dollar Tree are the two companies leading the market, and their success relies heavily on demographics and the perception of […]

4 Reasons Affordable Childcare Is Necessary for the Economy

Affordable childcare is essential to economic growth and recovery. Many people, especially single people, do not realize the effects of childcare costs on the individual and the nation. Childcare is the backbone of successful infrastructure, especially regarding enterprise and innovation. Also, childcare is essential for parents who want to pursue career, academic, and financial possibilities.Without […]

Negotiation: It’s Not a Dirty Word

To haggle, barter, liaise, or come to terms are all words or phrases synonymous with or related to negotiation. Yet, despite the prevalence of negotiation in the language, many people have an aversion to the process.A 2017 PayScale survey polling 31,000 people found that 57% of participants never asked for a raise in their field. […]

Cryptocurrency: A Good Investment?

Cryptocurrency continues to enthrall investor interest and raise questions of security. Savvy investors are making money off the crypto boom, but many more are losing everything.Additionally, crypto presents opportunities for criminal activity. The U.S. Secret Service confiscated more than $102 million in cryptocurrency assets since 2015, and the agency has 254 active investigations in this […]

6 Things To Consider When Selecting a Credit Union

People think of two institutions for savings and investing: credit unions and banks. Banks are the more conventional option, but they do not offer as many advantages as credit unions.Credit unions are community-focused institutions. Consumers who save and invest with a credit union have access to several features:Lower fees Better interest rates Reduced loan rates Insured deposits Personalized customer […]

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