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Negotiation: It’s Not a Dirty Word

To haggle, barter, liaise, or come to terms are all words or phrases synonymous with or related to negotiation. Yet, despite the prevalence of negotiation in the language, many people have an aversion to the process.A 2017 PayScale survey polling 31,000 people found that 57% of participants never asked for a raise in their field. […]

Cryptocurrency: A Good Investment?

Cryptocurrency continues to enthrall investor interest and raise questions of security. Savvy investors are making money off the crypto boom, but many more are losing everything.Additionally, crypto presents opportunities for criminal activity. The U.S. Secret Service confiscated more than $102 million in cryptocurrency assets since 2015, and the agency has 254 active investigations in this […]

6 Things To Consider When Selecting a Credit Union

People think of two institutions for savings and investing: credit unions and banks. Banks are the more conventional option, but they do not offer as many advantages as credit unions.Credit unions are community-focused institutions. Consumers who save and invest with a credit union have access to several features:Lower fees Better interest rates Reduced loan rates Insured deposits Personalized customer […]

If You Don’t Need Your Car, Sell It Now

With computer chip shortages and logistic issues for new cars, the used-vehicle market is scorching hot. The market is witnessing a steady drop in supply and increase in demand; manufacturers can’t keep up.The inability to maintain stock is out of the hands of car dealers and developers. The shortages of critical components are widespread throughout […]

How To Do HEALTHY Retail Therapy

Going on a shopping spree with a credit card in hand can leave you burdened with debt and stress. That’s why it’s a big surprise to see many mental health professionals recommending “retail therapy” to deal with pandemic stress. Can shopping be good for your health?The Benefits of Shopping for Your MoodThe science doesn’t lie. […]

Quit Trying to Time the Market, and Focus on Long-Term Gains, Instead

Active investing, such as day trading, is a popular investment strategy. Still, it depends on the investor’s ability to consistently outperform the market, which growing evidence says is improbable and more volatile than other strategies. If you plan on active trading based on timing the rise and fall of stocks, it might be time to […]

Bitcoin: Are Potential Profits Worth the Risks?

While risk is a natural part of any investment, cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, carries risks beyond the conventional concerns. Primarily, a Bitcoin investor plays a significant role in the security of their investment, meaning their level of responsibility is different from more traditional investments. Before you invest in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, it is wise […]

ESG and SRI Portfolio Strategies: How to Balance Social Responsibility with Market Returns

Shareholders drive the performance and operational agenda of publicly traded companies. In the past, most companies held a superficial opinion of social responsibility or environmental issues because shareholders didn’t seem to care as long as there were positive returns. The tides are changing.Shareholders now want to know how companies are altering processes to account for […]

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