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4 Reasons Not to Panic Over Inflation

It’s a word no one wants to hear, and even fewer people like to talk about: inflation. Yet, prices are up in every possible sector, including food, rent, utilities, fuel, and many other areas. As prices continue to rise, so do the average Americans’ concerns about their financial futures.While inflation is concerning, the outlook might […]

The Perfect Time To Draft a Will Is Now

If you’re like most people, you assume that wills are for the old, sick and wealthy. The truth is that everyone needs a will — yes, even the young and broke. Life is unpredictable, and you never know when something might happen that may render you incapacitated or prematurely end your life. Though a gloomy […]

Do Tech Layoffs Signal Future Economic Stressors?

“Now hiring!” How many signs have you seen that beg for job applicants in recent months? As the economy and society return to offices and in-person activities, many businesses have pleaded for applicants. The continued demand for employees makes recent news about massive layoffs so confusing and troubling.Layoffs and Consumer PreferenceThe layoffs are coming from […]

5 Common Investment Pitfalls

You know that investing is important. Investments are how you allow your money to work for you, but investing is a patience game. Despite some day traders claiming repetitive thousands a day, real gains take time.One thing about investing is it is a personal journey. Every person will have to learn from their failures and […]

Reasons To Reconsider Doing Your Own Taxes

Many people feel that doing their own taxes saves them money, but that is not always true. While it is possible to save money with DIY approaches and software, costly mistakes are also possible.Tax season is plagued by advertisements for tax software and promises of low tax bills. The commercials are accurate to an extent. […]

Divorce: Financial Protection and Fairness

Divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing situations a person can experience. In many cases, a divorcing couple sees the end of their relationship as a failure or, worse, a lengthy mistake. While people can argue the merits of a relationship and its value, people cannot argue the financial challenges of ending a marriage.The […]

Marriage and Building a Healthy Financial Relationship

Money is necessary. Debt is often required, too. Understanding how each factor into a relationship is essential to happiness and refraining from financial arguments. Too many couples struggle to get on the same page about money or make arrangements that are impossible to maintain.Failing to compromise and adapt financial decisions based on relationship needs can, […]

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