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Are You Taking Frugal Too Far?

A frugal lifestyle has many benefits. Above all, it gets you in the habit of saving. You learn the value of planning and spend less when you make purchases by avoiding interest payments. That said, it’s possible to take frugal too far. Look out for five common traps of being “cheap.”1. Stressing ExcessivelyThe whole point […]

Retirement: The Goal, the Myth, the Legend

For many people, retirement represents a lifelong goal. The idea of spending their “last act” free and doing as they please is enticing, if not romantic.Truthfully, retirement and the reality of it are changing. Retirement as part of the law has only been a concept since 1935 after the passing of the Social Security act. […]

5 Common Investment Pitfalls

You know that investing is important. Investments are how you allow your money to work for you, but investing is a patience game. Despite some day traders claiming repetitive thousands a day, real gains take time.One thing about investing is it is a personal journey. Every person will have to learn from their failures and […]

6 Things To Consider When Selecting a Credit Union

People think of two institutions for savings and investing: credit unions and banks. Banks are the more conventional option, but they do not offer as many advantages as credit unions.Credit unions are community-focused institutions. Consumers who save and invest with a credit union have access to several features:Lower fees Better interest rates Reduced loan rates Insured deposits Personalized customer […]

5 Fun Hobbies To Make Some Extra Money

It seems that with world conflicts and health crisis recoveries, families will need to find creative ways to increase their incomes. Thankfully, with the internet and several peer-to-peer marketplaces, it is more possible than ever to make money in addition to traditional wages. However, as you scour the web for opportunities, it is vital you stay […]

Divorce: Financial Protection and Fairness

Divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing situations a person can experience. In many cases, a divorcing couple sees the end of their relationship as a failure or, worse, a lengthy mistake. While people can argue the merits of a relationship and its value, people cannot argue the financial challenges of ending a marriage.The […]

Cashback Apps: What You Need To Know

In today’s ever-volatile market, who isn’t looking for more ways to save? While you shouldn’t discount traditional savings methods, such as the 50/30/20 rule, it doesn’t hurt to compliment your efforts with more innovative and easier ways to save, such as through cashback apps. By using cashback apps, you can earn money, rewards points and […]