The Top 5 Places To Retire Outside of the United States

Many people dream of retiring abroad. However, when considering the best places to retire outside of the United States, there are many things to think about:

  • Ease of purchasing property

  • Rental and mortgage costs

  • Healthcare costs

  • Cost of living

  • Visa and residency requirements

  • Entertainment and amenities

  • Climate

  • Infrastructure

  • Political situations

  • Social and language barriers

Thankfully, while many locations are suitable for an expat retirement, only a few fit the bill for comfortable and adventurous living. If you want to retire to a paradise away from your homeland, consider the top five retirement countries.

1. Costa Rica

According to several reports, Costa Rica is among the best retirement sites for an active and healthy lifestyle. Not only does the country rank high when it comes to healthcare, governance, and development, it is an extremely affordable place to live. Between the low cost of living and low-priced housing, a retiree on a tight budget could make a very comfortable life in this tropical paradise, and as a tourist destination, you will probably never run out of things to do and see.

2. Panama

You will find it difficult to discover a location with more picturesque landscapes than Panama, with sprawling mountains and popular beaches; you are not limited for sights that can take your breath away. The best part of living in Panama is the low cost of living. Everything is less expensive than in the U.S., including groceries and rent. Additionally, expats with a qualifying pension and a retirement visa will enjoy deep discounts and benefits from several local venues, including hotels and entertainment.

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3. Mexico

Mexico is not everyone’s choice as a retirement destination, especially with the U.S. State Department cautioning vacationers and retirees alike. While you do have to be careful about where you travel to or where you decide to live in Mexico, it is a beautiful country with several safe and affordable states.

The country is also among the easiest to establish residency and is known for its friendliness to foreigners. International Living rated Mexico as one of the best countries for entertainment and amenities.

Retirees interested in remaining close to the U.S. and who enjoy balmy weather will probably prefer Mexico to other locations on the list. Remember that, despite many of the rumors and federal advisories, Mexico is a place with rustic charm and modern amenities.

4. Colombia

If you want a country with various ecosystems, from mountains to rainforests to beaches, Colombia is for you. Additionally, with plenty of nonstop flights from Florida to any major city, you are never too far from the U.S.

The healthcare system in Colombia is also viewed as top-tier, even above the U.S. and Canada in cost and quality. Health insurance premiums are nearly 70% less than in the U.S., and living costs are also more affordable, meaning your retirement dollars can go far.

5. Portugal

Are you looking for a country with serene landscapes, a bustling English-speaking community, and an abundance of amenities? Look no further than Portugal, one of the most attractive and retirement-friendly countries on the European coast. While English might not be the prominent language, it is taught in schools, making it easier for expats to communicate and establish a community for themselves. Additionally, Portugal has a favorable climate, affordable housing, lower cost of living and healthcare.

While any of these top five countries are suitable for your retirement, only you can decide if one is right for you. Do any of these five fit your needs? Are you considering another location? Leave a comment below.

W.M. Hayes - September 10, 2021

Sadly, I must wonder whether any of these retirement locations will take unvaccinated Americans (having natural immunity due to previous COVID infection and/or monoclonal antibody infusion)? And how would unvaccinated manage to get there with the current varying world government rules? So off to research and hopefully find some answers.

Marcella - September 10, 2021

You need to mention that if they live outside the US, they can kiss their Medicare good bye. Medicare will not pay for anything if you live outside the US. So they need to check all their insurance policies.

Thelord - September 10, 2021

Thanks a lot for this job but I don’t see any French Islands and Caribbean countries. Does that mean no one of them is suitable for expat retirement.

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