Why Investing in a Rental Property Early Might Be the Best Retirement Decision

Most people will experience a point in their adult lives when they panic about the future, specifically caring for themselves beyond retirement. While there are methods for saving for retirement to ensure your future is secure, one investment opportunity that is often overlooked is purchasing an investment property. 

The earlier you can buy an investment property, the better. Purchasing an income property requires patience. You will not make a lot of money initially, but as you pay down the mortgage, your percentage of the profits becomes more significant, meaning that by the time you retire, the whole of the rent will be going into your bank account or savings. 

Obviously, there are many things to consider when purchasing an income property, like location, valuation, and profit potential. However, before selecting a house for purchase, it is necessary to understand how buying a rental property early can set you up for a secure and prosperous retirement.

Passive Income 

The primary reason to invest in a rental property is to earn passive income. However, that income will not help you in your retirement if you spend it now. It is likely best to put excess money into retirement savings or the existing property mortgage. 

The sooner you can pay off the mortgage, the sooner you can start putting money aside for retirement. Additionally, besides putting money back for retirement, the rental property will also act as a source of income during retirement. 


Owning a rental property also acts as a source of security in more ways than one. While it is an apparent source of monetary security, it is also a source of physical security.

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Option To Sell

When you own rental property, you have the option to sell it later. Real estate is often referred to as a liquid asset because it is relatively easy to convert into money, especially when the market is strong. 

While the current market is considered a seller's market, most experts agree that it will switch to a buyer's market within another few years, making it the optimum time to purchase a property. However, current mortgage rates are at historic lows, meaning if you're up for the competition, you might want to try your luck now. Be careful about over-bidding. You never want to pay more than a house is worth.

Option To Move 

Owning a rental property also provides alternative living space. Some people might want to invest in rental property now, only to later convert their income property to a residence.  

Consider the costs and benefits of such a move if you want to do this, especially when the current rental is out of state. You will want to educate yourself on the necessary tax and real estate laws to ensure the best financial position.

Property Value Appreciation

Many experts expect property values to continue to rise over the next several years, but the real estate market typically experiences fluctuations. When holding onto a property for 20 or 30 years, the value will most likely appreciate, especially if you maintain it and choose a well-established location. 

Increased value means you can profit later if you do not want to continue to manage the house. Many retirees prefer to sell rental properties so they can enjoy their retirement. 

Whatever your age, rental property has tremendous monetary potential for your retirement years. Whether you are looking for investment opportunities that can contribute to retirement accounts or that offer a vital income source, owning real estate is one of the best financial decisions you can make. 

William Lobato - December 10, 2021

Your so right, I purchased 2 rental properties for cash, and now I have an increasing rental income for as long as I won’t to keep them or will them to my children when I pass away.

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